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Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer

Owner - Felt Presence

Ryan Singer is the author of Shape Up and former Head of Strategy at 37signals. Today, at Felt Presence, he builds tools for software teams to increase their focus and autonomy.

Roadblock title

Stop running in circles and ship work that matters


If you’ve ever thought, “We’re not shipping as fast as we used to,” or, “We’re starting to miss deadlines and have quality issues,” then this talk is for you. After years of working to improve how product teams build products that deliver value to customers and focusing on both the demand and supply side, we’ll present new ways of organizing product and engineering teams and shaping projects to increase the success rate and satisfaction level of the team. We’ll talk about writing the first version of ShapeUp together, how we applied ShapeUp at Autobooks, the successes and failures that we experienced, and finally how we arrived at tweaking the ShapeUp method to meet the needs of a fintech in 2022.