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Saira Rahman

Saira Rahman


Saira is the former VP of Finance at HMBradley, and has over 15 years of experience between banking, derivatives, and fintech. Her passion is in the combination of traditional finance and fintech, where financial strategy meets technology. At HMBradley, Saira helped curate and run the financial strategy for over $500M in deposits. Prior to her time at HMBradley, Saira worked in community banking at Alpine Bank, in addition to spending over a decade working in derivatives sales at Stifel (fka B&F Capital Markets). In her spare time, Saira enjoys hanging out with her two dogs, cooking with her husband, and teaching her nephew new pranks.

Roadblock talk

Customer-first innovation: reimagining neobank infrastructure


Saira’s talk last year was a deep dive on the fee structure inside neobanks, delineating how they make money. This year, she’s back at it, this time with a different perspective: How do you build banking products while reimagining the underlying fee structure? Is there a way to build the dream SuperApp without being forced into charging customers for the same things banks do?