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Simon Taylor

Founder and Writer of Fintech Brainfood, Head of Strategy and Content

Roadblock title:

What I’ve learned from CEOs of the hottest fintech B2B startups


Wednesday - 1:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester G)


In this talk, I’ll share insights I’ve gathered from CEOs of leading fintech startups. During my interviews, they revealed their unique blueprints for success, including how they partner, what metrics they care about, and why they’re winning.


Simon is one of fintech’s most respected voices, providing unparalleled insights from over 20 years driving innovation. His popular Fintech Brainfood blog boasts 40k+ subscribers including top CEOs and VCs.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor, Simon leverages his experience pioneering mobile banking apps and leading digital transformation for global banks. Simon is a a regular industry commentator for media like BBC, CNBC and the financial times

Trusted by the industry’s biggest names, he provides guidance to regulators, financial institutions, and tech companies on strategically capitalizing on emerging trends in fintech, open finance, and AI.

Simon Taylor