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Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor


Simon has spent 20 years in technology and financial services. His career includes Co-founding advisory firm 11:FS and the founding team of Barclays Rise. Prior to this Simon was Head of Crypto R&D at Barclays and spent years working in payments delivery. Simon brings experience advising governments, regulators, and some of the world’s largest banks, Financial Institutions, and Fintech companies, helping them innovate their business models by adopting new technologies. Simon is a speaker in all things Fintech, podcaster, and regular writer of Fintech Brainfood, one of the most popular Fintech blogs in the community.

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What do builders need to know about fraud?


Very few builders get into fintech in order to work on fraud. Builders want to solve other problems, but it turns out, fraud is incredibly important to understand. Why? This panel of experts (and Shamir) will answer just that.