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Stephany Kirkpatrick

Stephany Kirkpatrick

Founder and CEO - Orum

Stephany Kirkpatrick is a digital executive and seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in companies across a variety of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 corporations. Stephany founded Orum in 2019 on the belief that consumers should have immediate access to their money. Stephany is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who’s spent the last decade building technology to optimize financial outcomes for Americans – first at LearnVest where she helped design its financial planning software and now at Orum. Orum is building new financial infrastructure that allows money to move immediately and automatically across accounts, products, and financial institutions. Stephany leads with strong core values and believes in diversity of thought and people. She is a mother of two young girls and actively participates in building a future that empowers women through her mentorship work.

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What do builders need to know about fraud?


Very few builders get into fintech in order to work on fraud. Builders want to solve other problems, but it turns out, fraud is incredibly important to understand. Why? This panel of experts (and Shamir) will answer just that.