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Sunita Jennings

Sunita Jennings

Senior full stack engineer - MX

Sunita Jennings is a senior full stack engineer at MX, an open finance company that makes financial data accessible and actionable for everyone. Sunita is an experienced senior software engineer skilled in application architecture, IT strategy, and software development. Prior to joining MX, she was a software engineer at Savage Services and USANA Health Services, along with 16 years in a variety of engineering and technical roles at IBM. Sunita holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering, from the University of Toronto.

Workshop title

Resolving missed connections


Connectivity is the plumbing that enables everything we’re trying to do. Whether you’re connecting directly to a banking core, or to a fintech provider’s API, or something in between - you’re dependent on the stability of your upstream providers to serve your consumers.

Want to give users the ability to move money? You need to verify their account information - by connecting to a verification provider or to the account-holding institution directly.

Building tools to help users manage their finances? You need data from every financial institution they use.

When these connections break, are you out of luck? In this workshop, you will build solutions to some common connectivity problems that give your users the best possible experience even when the plumbing fails.


  • Participants create a github account if they don’t already have one
  • Participants clone a github/mx-enabled repo specific to this workshop
  • Instruction describing common problems (API is down, user credentials are incorrect, user has insufficient privileges, no connection available for the selected institution).
  • Participants run the app they cloned in Step 2. The baseline app fails user expectations randomly for a few underlying reasons. Participants write code (maybe we can make this easier? Not sure) to handle the underlying failures and improve the user experience.

Prep for this session using this GitHub repo