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Todd Stonefield-Oh

Todd Stonefield-Oh

Senior Software Engineer, Core Platform - Alloy

Todd Stonefield-Oh is a senior software engineer at Alloy. His holistic, proactive approach to front-end development goes beyond the app’s surface, incorporating an infrastructure and system design perspective to advance successful, modern architecture. Todd’s experience in the tech industry began at the age of 21, when he founded his own mobile application startup. His career has continued to grow primarily in the startup and fintech sectors, as well as at a top Fortune 500 company, where he worked on large-scale enterprise front-end systems. Todd is a committed advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech. He personally launched Alloy’s first group for Asian employees, and takes pride in being an active member of the company’s LGBT network. He is motivated by the capacity of technology and engineering to effect positive change and advancement in our society.

Roadblock title

Migrating onto a modern front-end with holistic architecture thinking


In this talk, you will hear the recent architecture migration of Alloy’s front-end to be a dedicated service, how we executed with minimal disruption, and why that was possible. Often the perception of a front-end architecture is about what’s visible on the app surface, but it can expand beyond onto infrastructure when building mission-critical front-end. Also, it involves a delicate architecture design and approach, and not seeing through those aspects early on could lead to a less cohesive strategy for migrating onto a resilient and modern front-end. Learn about how Alloy planned, researched, and executing migration with the mindset of incremental change and holistic thinking on our stack, and what could have worked better.