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Tommy Nicholas

Tommy Nicholas

Co-Founder and CEO - Alloy

Tommy is the CEO and co-founder of Alloy, an API to ease the pain of customer identification (KYC/AML, etc) for financial services companies. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Tommy began his career as a software developer. He worked on everything from AR experiences for large museums to consumer facing websites, one of whichwas named to Time Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2013. In 2014 he entered the world of high-risk transaction processing for financial services companies, where the problems caused by the lack of APIs to solve business problems in financial services became the inspiration for starting Alloy.

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What do builders need to know about fraud?


Very few builders get into fintech in order to work on fraud. Builders want to solve other problems, but it turns out, fraud is incredibly important to understand. Why? This panel of experts (and Shamir) will answer just that.