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Trisha Kothari


Trisha is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unit21, a no-code toolset for risk and compliance teams, focused on transaction monitoring, case management, and identity verification. Companies like Chime, Intuit, and Coinbase depend on Unit21 to monitor financial activity across their platforms. Before Unit21, Trisha was an early engineer and product manager at Affirm. While there, she built risk-related systems.

Talk abstract:

Dealing with Data in Dynamic Systems

In an ideal scenario, feature development is easy. Just replace the old code with new code, and you’re done. This is, in fact, true for a system in a state of inertia. However, constantly moving pieces of business logic in a dynamic system presents a complicated problem. There are several unanswered questions while deploying huge schema or logic changes: How do you make code and schema changes with zero downtime or service interruption? How do you optimize online migrations of data to allow for fallbacks? Any changes in schema or code in dynamic systems may cause existing users to experience downtime. This talk focuses on strategies to ensure backward compatibility and prevent breaking data integrity.