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Will Schmitt

Will Schmitt

Co-Founder and Director of Engineering - Rightfoot

Will is the Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at Rightfoot. Will has been working in a number of infrastructure engineering industries, using software to build the foundational layers of financial payment rails at Rightfoot, modeling and deployment software for network infrastructure at Google, and grid-scale renewable energy infrastructure for power electronic control systems at GE. Rightfoot drives socially-impactful change by targeting inequitably distributed consumer debt through repayment infrastructure packaged up as APIs. Will is passionate about reproducible software and rapid, deterministic deployment lifecycles and how they relate to mission-critical applications like payments infrastructure.

Workshop title

GitOps and Driving Applications with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)


Declarative programming driving infrastructure with Terraform often stops short of release management of applications. GitOps has extended this practice to the application layer where all software, configuration, and infrastructure are version-controlled and reconciled with production environments. Releases are deterministic, reproducible, auditable, and have faster disaster recoveries. In this workshop, we will stand up a small Kubernetes cluster using Terraform and stand up an ArgoCD instance to manage application releases for a microservice mesh, as well as establish a configuration repository to control deployment. We will roll out releases to services, including staged releases, rollbacks, configuration updates, and scale up/scale down all driven by Git commits.