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Yasamin Karimi

Yasamin Karimi

Head of Product - Codat

Yasamin has a history of bringing large scale fintech products to market with a strong background in payments and API-based products. She previously led Starling Bank’s API-first banking service product functions, where she focused on the democratisation of payments for fintechs. Prior to this, Yasamin worked as a Global Product Manager at Mastercard, working closely with banks to develop their payment strategies. Recognising how integral SMBs are to the global economy, Yasamin is passionate about open data and changing small business financial services for the better.

Roadblock title

Managing a roadmap in a hypergrowth fintech


Yasamin joined Codat as employee number ~30 a little under 3 years ago. Today we are around 300 people across the globe. Yasamin will talk about some of the many challenges scaling a product team 10x, diving deep into her personal experiences and learnings at Codat including:

  • Deciding who to build for - executing on persona-driven product development
  • When not to listen to your customers - defining a north star metric to justify what not to build
  • Creating a customer centric product and engineering team structure - scaling and aligning a team around one goal