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Yi Liu

General Manager, Gusto Embedded

Roadblock title:

Not all fintech is created equal: How to build embedded finance stacks your users actually want


Thursday - 2:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester E)


Embedded fintech has shifted a lot over the past few years, and as a result, so have user expectations. Users don’t want to manage multiple logins and fragile integrations. They just want things to work together. With today’s embedded fintech platforms, you can give them that. But there’s a catch – as you layer on more products, the user experience can get disjointed and top-heavy.

Yi Liu, GM of Gusto Embedded, will share what Gusto has learned working with partners building embedded payroll. She’ll share how SaaS companies can build stacks that work well together, incorporating the foundations of their user experience. Yi can also speak to holistic approaches for GTM that involve the right teams – and how to avoid the trap of rushing to innovate without considering user needs.


Passionate about scaling companies and building products that disrupt status quo industries, Yi Liu is the General Manager of Gusto Embedded, a developer platform and support infrastructure that other SaaS companies use to offer deeply integrated, tailored in-app payroll products.

She has held various roles at Gusto including leading the Insights & Operations (I&O) team for the Engineering, Product, and Design org and the Head of Business I&O team supporting the COO.

Prior to Gusto, she helped grow Inkling, a content publishing platform, and worked as a systems engineer and business development manager for Northrup Grumman. She holds advanced degrees from Stanford and her undergraduate degree from Harvard.

Yi Liu