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Yurii Buchchenko

Head of AI Practice & Software Architect

Workshop title:

Real AI for a real product: Hard lessons learned


Wednesday - 1:00 PM (4th floor - Lantana)


In this workshop, Yurii and Kostiantyn will delve beyond the surface of AI and GenAI’s value proposition to showcase their real-world implementation in private market assets price prediction. They will share how to do it right and how they did it wrong, including selecting the appropriate tech stack, preparing training datasets, addressing data privacy and security concerns, and managing the associated costs of model training.


Software Architect with 13+ years of expertise. Led and mentored teams, from small 3-person startups to 80+ engineer enterprises. Evolved products from early days to production. Full stack engineer. AWS, Azure, GCP clouds. Guru in NodeJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, and UI. Growing as an AI/ML engineer. Advocate for event-driven architectures, DDD, and cloud-native. Structured thinking, open, respectful, polite, and problem solver.

Yurii Buchchenko